Content Syndication

Opted-In leads

REV ASSIGN has exceptional email and telemarketing capabilities for generating the best-qualified leads. We use white papers or similar content as an asset to generate these leads. We are 100% compliant with all spam prevention laws across the globe that includes - UK, Germany, and Canada, where spam prevention laws are very stringent.
All our outreach activities are permission-based, ensuring not just compliance but also best lead quality. REV ASSIGN also assures you a phone verified Opt-in, as we have the permission of the prospect to send them the white paper or other content via e-mail.

Confirmed Call-Back Lead

Tentative Appointments

Confirmed Call-back leads are a premium feature of content syndication. Through this, we offer a non-specific willingness for further follow-up with the prospect. This includes in-depth subject matter discussion, along with an affirmative call to action in one of the following ways:
  • Prospect downloads 1 asset out of multiple options, and indicates his interest level.

  • The prospect agrees to accept a telephone call from the end client (marketer) in order to understand the product offering, and potential fit.

  • The prospect outlines most suitable availability during the week when he/she would be available (this does not guarantee that the prospect will be available at the specified time).

  • Since these leads are on best effort basis of engagement and/or pipeline-building, these leads cannot be delivered against a stringent deadline as the receptiveness and availability of prospects cannot be predicted.

Account Profiling

Competitive/Business Intelligence

REV ASSIGN's approach to competitive intelligence gathering is exceptional as we do not resell stale information but gather the information exclusively for a specific client from scratch and within the defined time period.
REV ASSIGN ensures the most relevant and updated information, which includes –
  • The competitive product used by a specific target account.

  • The relevant contact with functional responsibility around the product.

  • Any plans to replace the product.

  • This service includes information like - budget, authority, need, and timeline.

Appointment Setting

Don't let your sales team do the grunt work

The most successful form of advocacy is the one done in person. There is nothing more effective than a one-on-one meeting to close a sales deal.
As time is a crucial challenge for your sales team, partnering with an offshore B2B appointment setting service provider is a smarter way to let your sales team focus on more closures than doing the grunt work.
REV ASSIGN ensures that the scored appointments are as per the service level agreements, in other words, qualified opportunities.
All leads generated are qualified within the parameters set and the appointment is set with a clear understanding of the intent of the follow-up call.