Almost 90% of B2B buyers go for whitepapers, webinars or case studies before reaching out to a vendor. Using content syndication model one can syndicate his content smartly across the largest B2B network.

B2B Content Syndication Service

B2B content syndication programs are used by successful B2B marketers to develop innovative solutions and build influential relationships with their target audience. It helps you reach new and existing audiences, add authority and visibility, and establish a good image of your company that can lead to qualifying business requests.

As a result of this in-depth insight, we are able to effectively expand the reach of our client’s content management strategies throughout the largest B2B network. With our C methodology, which stands for Consent to Content to Conversation to Convert, you can examine audience behavior and activate ROI-based content engagement all the way.

Acquire more leads using RevAssign Syndication

Make the most of your content by connecting and engaging with your target audiences across B2B networks.

Amplify Reach

Reach an audience of 52 Million B2B Contacts.

Sniper targeted leads

Target for various category of leads from MQL to SQL using machine learning.

Increased ROI

Role & Technology based targeting to reduce cost by higher conversion hence drive higher ROI to the customer.

Content Creation

Whether it's a blog post, an online tutorial, or a video, our in-house creative and marketing team gets to work on your original content.

Content Optimization

SEO optimized services, which enhance your content for customers and search engines to boost inbound traffic and generate leads .

Lead Generation

Content Syndication can improve brand exposure, allows to target your ideal audience and generate qualified leads..